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Motorcycle author, Gordon G. May, rode a 1953 500cc Royal Enfield 8,400 miles from the UK to Chennai, South India, in 2008. His adventurous journey resulted in the book, Overland To India. During the epic ride, which took 50 days, Gordon suffered from severe 'numb bum'. So much so, in fact, that by the time he reached India he had red blisters on his behind.
In preparation for his next ride, Overland To Egypt on a 1952 BSA Bantam, Gordon tested various pressure relieving options for motorcycle seats and settled upon the Supreme Viscoelsatic Wondergel as being the best. Over a two year period, he helped develop then began to promote the brand.
"My ride to India was a wonderful experience, but the pain from riding day after day on an uncomfortable seat was excruciating at times." he says. "Riding a BSA Bantam is never a fast experience and as you can imagine I spent many hours in the saddle en route for Egypt. My gel pad transformed the experience... I never suffered from a numb bum and was comfortable enough to ride in stretches of two to three hours between breaks." In conclusion, Gordon says, "Many people have now met me at motorcycle shows where I promote the Supreme Comfort Seat gel pads alongside my books. I'm proud to say that feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive."

Gordon and Bantam at the Libya - Egypt Border

Other Testamonials

"An amazing bit of kit. We rode from Basingstoke to Inverness and back on an 883 Sportster. Your gel pad was way better than the 500 after-market seats we've tried." Simon Eves, Alexandria Palace, February 2012.

"100% better. I wouldn't have believed it." Sue from Cambridgeshire. Harley Road King pillion rider.

"Saved my bum!" John, Felixstowe, BMW R1150GS Adventure.

"My wife's and my bottoms want to thank you!" A Customer, Downham Market, Norfolk, August 2011. The couple had just returned from a 200 mile journey to Germany.

"For roughly fifty quid it's the best accessory I've bought. I rode from Telford to the northern tip of Scotland in one day... almost 600 miles, and it felt great!" JG, Telford. BMW R1100S

"Before using your gel pad I struggled to ride more than 50 miles before I was so sore that I had to stop. I was so fed up. I fitted your pad then rode to the Lake District and back. It was fantastic!" A Customer, Rufforth Park, York, October 2011.

"I've come to buy another of your gel pads, which I love. Don't worry, I haven't lost it. I loaned it to my girlfriend to go for a ride one Sunday and she won't give it back." A Customer, Ardingly, West Sussex, October 2010.

"Well Happy." Mr. Prentice, Isle of Sheppey. Kawasaki KH500 Triple.

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