Supreme Motorcycle Gel Pad

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Gel Inserts

Fitting Instructions

Fitting a Supreme Comfort Seat Gel Insert couldn't be easier.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Your gel insert is covered with a peel-off protective coating. Do not remove this until the final stages of the process.
  • Remove seat cover, exposing existing foam.
  • Using a sharp knife, carefully sculpture out a suitable shape to accommodate the gel insert. Go slowly - it is preferable to have the cut out slightly shallower than the insert itself.
  • If gel insert needs trimming, you can draw the new shape onto the peel-off protective coating with a pen. Cut with a sharp craft knife or scissors (we recommend spraying the blades with a silicone spray first).
  • Once you are satisfied with the fit, remove the peel-off protective coating. NB The gel is very tacky. Take care placing it into the seat cut-out.
  • Replace your motorcycle seat cover.

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