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Classic Saddle Gel Pads

Fitting Instructions

Fitting a Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Saddle Gel Pad couldn't be easier. The gel comes inside a hardwearing and easy to clean neoprene cover. The base of the pad is made of high quality non-slip material. Once your weight is on the pad it is virtually impossible for it to move. However, all of our pads come with securing straps to ensure they stay in place when climbing on and off your motorcycle.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Position the gel pad on your saddle with the non-slip side facing downwards and the securing straps hanging down the side.
  • Secure both front and side straps using their respective strap buckles.
  • Evenly pull adjusting straps tight to secure.

NB All webbing used on our gel pads is NATO approved. Excess strapping can be cut off with scissors. However, if you have more than one motorcycle and wish to swap the pad between machines, ensure that the strap length is long enough for each motorcycle before trimming. Always singe the end of webbing that has been trimmed to prevent fraying.

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