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‘Viscoelastic Wondergel’ has been formulated to give the best balance of tactile and dynamic properties that maximise rider comfort. Soft enough to easily conform to body contours and to minimize bounce or resilience yet firm enough to provide maximum comfort, support, and stability to the rider.

The gel thickness is optimised at 16mm (5/8 inch) for gel pads so you don’t pay for more gel than needed, but which really enhances rider comfort compared to thinner pads.


  • Diminishes the effects of vibration.
  • Never fully compresses or bottoms out.
  • Absorbs shock & evenly spreads rider's weight over the entire surface of the seat.
  • Relieves lower back pain & minimises tailbone (coccyx) & hemorrhoid discomfort.
  • Will not crystallise, leak or spill even if punctured.
  • It is hypoallergenic, fungus resistant and non-toxic. It contains no latex or silicone.
Supreme Comfort Seat Motorcycle Gel Pads are made from viscoelastic dry polymers. Their properties prevent friction between the padding and human skin. This helps prevent damage to tissue and nerves that cause blisters or sores. It distributes weight evenly, is not a stiff material, and dampens vibration resulting in greater cushioning and comfort. Users will experience a Flotation Effect (no hard-spots) as they sit or lay on the padding. For years, this gel has been used by medical professionals to reduce the risk of pressure sores and improve patient comfort.

The gel is a dense material with few if any equals with respect to impact protection, comfort, and energy and shock absorption. It has greater shear-strength than comparable foams that typically breakdown rapidly and lose material effectiveness. No other padding will last longer and still do its job.
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