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Please be reassured that during these challenging times we are continuing to post gel pads to our customers. The WHO advises that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 on packages is low but we are taking precautionary hygiene measures when packing orders. The UK postal service is still highly functional and your order will be shipped within 48 hours of it being placed. Thanks and best wishes, Gordon May, Supreme Comfort Seats

Does discomfort distract you from riding with 100% concentration?
Is your pillion, usually on the thinnest part of the seat, quietly (or not so quietly) suffering?
Are you embarking on a long tour or do you commute long distances every day?
Are you forced to make too many stops to stretch your legs and ease the pain from your behind?
Has your motorcycle manufacturer fit a cheap seat then tried to sell you a £300 plus gel seat when you take delivery of your new bike?
An uncomfortable seat, stiffness and a numb bum can certainly tarnish your motorcycling experience.

Easy to fit, quickly removable and long lasting, our 16mm thick Viscoelastic Wondergel is market-leading technology, providing motorcyclists with greatly improved comfort.
A Supreme Comfort Seat Motorcycle Gel Pad, made from medical grade pressure relieving gel, can add miles of comfort to your ride!
Supreme Comfort Seats 2020
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